Artist Spotlight: CARLOS BARRERA

I will begin by introducing my father-in-law, Carlos Barrera.  Carlos is an Artist that currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, Fl., This is also my second home. During my summers I enjoy everything Florida.  Estate sales,  wine and passionate talks with Carlos about everything that is Art, Decorating or just being creative.  We are kindred spirits. Carlos is a real artist through and through. He sees the beauty in all manner of vintage and aged items. Carlos repurposes items far beyond their intended use and enjoys discovering the beauty born from it. Carlos was my inspiration for carrying Art in the HOME store.   You can find his pieces at 1ofaFindHOME. We carry his work in many forms, Pen and Ink, Paints, Fabirc and our commissioned decorative plates. Everything is 1 of a Find and a perfect gift for someone who enjoys original Art.

Im very proud of you Carlos and congratulations to you and David!

xoxo - Honey Moon

Here is a link to Carlos A. Barreras Instragram

Here is a link to Carlos A. Barreras Tumblr


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