Vintage as Inspiration

1 of a Find was built on a Feeling. The feeling one gets when they see something amazing from the past. Vintage items flood the mind with familiar emotions, warm memories, and a craving for days gone by. 1 of a Find can locate, Identify and curate vintage personas to help your company move forward by using the Past. We specialize in Decor, Clothing, Textile, and Found Treasures. We help you Harness the Nostalgia.

Vintage is a Trigger that shoots us all to a better place. Let us help create your “Vintage” story.

What’s your Vintage?

Vintage is in the eye of the beholder. Let us help you identify what Vintage plays well with your vision. Americana? Mid-Century? Hippie? Hipster? or maybe it’s not a style, maybe it’s a Texture, (Grandmas afghan) a Color ( aged tupperware ) or just commonly overlooked details ( cause it’s all in the craftsmanship). Vintage items can be your tangible encyclopedia to what the past holds over your products. We use Vintage to create and Inspire. We want your products to be worthy of becoming future Vintage and holding a long term place in a clients heart.

The future is in the details

Knowing the Quality of times past is the key to knowing what the future holds. Let us help discover the “Vintage” for your Company. Be inspired by the age and history of an item. Antiques, Folk Art, Modern Design and Unique Treasures. Touch, Feel, Smell and all the senses that we can uncover for your design team. You don’t always need new to Move Forward to get ahead of the consumers, you sometimes need to stop, breath and look back to the past.

Services provided by appointment only.