Out with the New and In with the old. Buy Vintage & Shop Local, it will save the world.
— Honey Moon


Honey Moon

 I love everything Old and Interesting. There isn't much about me you can't figure out from what I buy for 1 of a Find. I love Aged Quality, Original Beauty, Cheeky Humor and Items that tell a story.

When I was a young adult,  I worked hard to be in fashion. I worked long hours to turn NEW Ideas into NEW trends for NEW customers I'd never meet. It took a few years, but I realized that "NEW" wasn't for me. I quit, took a deep breath and started 1 of a Find. I took my extra time to enjoy my husband and our daughters.  Isabella, Olivia and Zofia are now my greatest achievements but I'm pretty darn proud of 1 of a Find as well. I am extremely lucky to do what I love for a living, I sell Vintage, or as my girls say..

"My Mom shops for a living" 

I was raised from Vintage roots. I attribute my taste to both my grandmother Birdie who lived life with excitement, strength and great style and My mother who raised me with the best in Second Hand and Vintage. She was always able to look Rodeo when Venice Beach was more our price point. Today, she still buys for the stores and is responsible for the amazing jewelry we carry. 

Everyone has a different "Vintage". 1990s may be now, the 1970s will always be in fashion and who knows what tomorrow brings?  Which ever era is your style, Find it... Buy it... and Flaunt it. Tell everyone its story. Vintage is for everyone and Vintage is forever.

XXO - Honey Moon

I'm open to all buying opportunities Please feel free to text pictures of an item to

 646-915-5401 .